How does one become a FISH?

Volunteering for FISH is a very rewarding experience.
FISH is 100% dependent upon the good hearts of our volunteers. ♥

We are always in need of drivers – without them we would not exist.
Potential drivers should enjoy helping and meeting others, have their own car and insurance, and be prepared to pay for gas. There is partial compensation for gas mileage. Drivers must be strong enough to lift walkers into the car if the client requires. Any adult wishing to volunteer for FISH should call 211 or 1-877-211-8667 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and they will direct you to a volunteer who will get you started.

FISH Volunteer – Driver Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a FISH driver!

How does it work? Each month, drivers inform 211 if they are available to drive at any point in the following month. There is no minimum or maximum number of days or months that FISH requires. A driver may drive as much or as little as they can or want. FISH is grateful for any amount. It is totally up to the driver. Drivers may request to drive only within Tompkins County. When 211 receives a rider request it contacts a driver with the information about the ride. The driver then contacts the client and makes appropriate arrangements, giving the client their phone number in case plans change. All ride requests are only for medical and health related services.

A driver may get more than one ride request a day, and, if possible, juggles the requests. If that’s not possible the driver will inform 211. The driver does not have to stay with the client for the appointment and may choose to wait there or arrange to come back to pick up the client to return to their residence.

A driver may choose not to drive if the weather is bad but must contact the client and 211 to cancel. A driver is free to request no smoking or any other offensive activity. FISH has insurance to cover any liability services but is secondary to the driver’s insurance. A driver must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and can also request that status for a rider.

All new drivers will receive a personal orientation to the program.

To contact FISH call 211
or 1-877-211-8664

These videos provide a look at what it’s like to be a volunteer driver in Tompkins County. Thanks to our FISH volunteers and our friends from Way2Go for contributing!